Trigonometry has many applications in life. There are numerous possibilities for rewarding careers, especially in the area of Electronics.

The simplicity of the course is amazing, and it makes it easy for the student to learn. There are many illustrations and diagrams to enhance understanding.

This course is “textbook type” with considerable details that are usually not found in regular trigonometry textbooks. The explanations are thorough with lots of examples, plus there are worksheets for the student along with complete Solution Keys. There are approximately 300 pages of explanations, worksheets, and solutions.  

The prerequisites for Trigonometry are Algebra I, Geometry, and preferably, Algebra II.  Our Algebra I course (Math Relief) is more comprehensive than most math programs, and students may choose to study our Trigonometry course without studying Geometry and Algebra II.  The main concepts that are required are Coordinate Geometry (Phase 3 of our Algebra I) and the Pythagorean Theorem, plus extensive work with square roots and rationalizing fractions (Phase 2 of Algebra I).

We have spent considerable time to put the material in format that can be easily studied. There are special “comments” and “arrows” that are added so that the student does not wonder where things come from.

When we search the internet, we discover that there are frequent questions from individuals regarding various aspects of this subject. Most textbooks are “skimpy”, but our course has everything very distinctly illustrated so that students are not “lost” in their understanding of the concepts.

Parents (or other supervisors) do not need to prepare anything.  The course is designed so that the student can enjoy individualized instruction.  The teaching has many diagrams of graphic figures. If there is any difficulty with a particular problem, the supervisor may allow the student to view the solution which is worked out in detail in the Solution Key.

Quizzes or tests are included.

The Trigonometry course contains algebra equations, algebra math calculations, and algebra problems with numerous algebra examples and algebra worksheets that have step-by-step answers.

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