“My daughter is maintaining an A in algebra..”

Thank you so much for all of the time and effort you have diligently put into your Keyboard Algebra I & II programs. Before we had heard of Keyboard Algebra we had tried other curriculums but were unsuccessful with them. Then we found out about Keyboard Algebra and began using it in our home. This program offers such an organized approach to algebra and has made a wonderful difference in my daughter’s understanding of algebra. The way Mr. Firebaugh teaches the lessons, his pointing out to the students the crucial aspects they must master, the reminders he gives the students, etc… make this program stand out and above all other programs to me. I cannot really express in words how exciting it is to see my daughter excel so wonderfully (maintaining an A average from the beginning of Algebra I all the way till now – the middle of Algebra II). Mr Firebaugh, we could not have done this without your wonderful-incredible teaching of algebra. Thank you again and we’re looking forward to Geometry.