“Mr.Firebaugh’s algebra was the answer to our prayers”

Mr. Firebaugh’s algebra course was the answer to our prayers. We have a wonderful 13 year old son, whom I home school. He is ambitious and mature about learning. We were using a reputable correspondence school for algebra. The course had no videotape, they only provided a manual. Our son is used to working successfully with correspondence manuals yet he would struggle for hours doing drills and memorizing rules. I could see a sunny, bright student becoming more frustrated by the day. I have no algebra experience so the manual was Greek to me. My husband would come home after a long day of bricklaying. He would work for hours on the algebra and run into the same problems. My son would then try harder during the day hoping his dad could relax. None of us are quitters so I put an advertisement in the paper for a tutor. I got about 80 calls. They called and told me their price, time schedule and location. I could tell the tutor method was out. I then found a math lab at our local community college. We had to wait on a waiting list to have a question answered. My son loves home school but he was willing to sacrifice it so he could have an algebra teacher. This almost broke our hearts. Then I remembered Mr. Firebaugh’s advertisement. I was pleasantly surprised when Mr. Firebaugh answered the phone himself. I could tell he was a dedicated teacher. He told me that if the program didn’t work we could return it in 30 days. This was wonderful news – l was out of money from the other courses. The program arrived promptly. My son and his father turned into algebra sponges. His father didn’t want to be in a situation where he could not help and he wanted to be sure our son was learning. Sometimes they both watch a lesson over and over again. You don’t mind working hard when you know you will see progress. We were relieved that we did not have to compromise our son’s home school education, and we feel confident that we are providing the best education.