“Mr. Firebaugh is a great teacher”

When I first began learning algebra, I hated it. I would think out reasons why it is an unnecessary subject, saying “What do I care about what ‘x’ is?” For a year I struggled, loathing it, but doing it as my duty to my parents. I didn’t understand the concepts and would get most of the problems finished, only to find that I had misunderstood a new rule (or even an old one) and after all my work, I had to admit failure again. Then my mom ordered a new way to learn algebra – on video! We (my brother and I) had never had a video course before. Keyboard Enterprises was just what I needed. Mr. Firebaugh is a great teacher. He explains each new level clearly and we can rewind to catch something we missed. Bryan and I did the course together. We worked out the lessons with Mr. Firebaugh and wrote out everything. We enjoyed finding the answer to his sample problem before he’d finished working it out! And as we listened, humor would come out in the lesson. Soon I not only had stopped despising algebra, but it became one of my favorite academic subjects! Bryan and I are enthusiastic about doing Algebra II this year and are deeply grateful to Mr. Leonard Firebaugh for his clear, enjoyable instruction. I would endorse this course to anyone who has problems with understanding algebra!