About Our Algebra II Products:

DVDs, contain 3, 7 or 8 DVD's for each "phase". (DVDs are convenient, allowing the student to "jump" directly to each lesson. DVD's can also be used on either computers or DVD players).

Each lesson averages about 15 minutes of teaching time, including very clear and thorough explanations.  The student assignment sheets average 20 exercises per lesson, and there is space on the worksheets to work the problems.  (Students should not need any assistance to complete the exercises.)

Each "phase" contains about 48 lessons, enough material to complete it in approximately 3 months (if the student completes 4 lessons per week). (Algebra II contains about 35 lessons per "phase").

Answer Keys contain every step of every solution, with additional arrows and comments to clarify "how" the solutions were derived.

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Product Description
Algebra II - Phase One - Basic Operations  
High Quality (DVD) (8 DVD's, 12 hours)
Lessons 1-32
Algebra II - Phase Two- Advanced Operations
High Quality (DVD) (8 DVD's, 12 hours)
Lessons 33-69
Algebra II - Phase Three - Advanced Applications
High Quality (DVD) (3 DVD's, 4 hours)
Lessons 70-83
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