Geometry has 3 main divisions:

(1)  Proofs (Euclidean Geometry)

Proofs are the basic foundation for traditional geometry study.  They involve “logic” and organizational skills to put things “in order.”

Archimedes, Plato, and Aristotle (early Greek scholars) considered geometry as a form of logical deduction.  Euclid was responsible for establishing fundamental geometric principles that have been the basis for today’s studies of the subject.  Our course is Euclidean Geometry. 

This course, consisting of the fundamentals of Geometry, covers the vocabulary and terminology that is necessary to make proofs.  The topics that are included in Phase 1 of our course are shown at the bottom of this page.

Materials include geometry shapes, geometry angles, geometry triangles, and geometry problems with numerous examples, plus geometry lessons and geometry worksheets that have step-by-step answers. 

Phase 1 of the course has 45 lessons; along with Phase 2 (Practical Geometry) & Phase 3, (Coordinate Geometry, shown below), there is a total of 110 lessons.  If you need additional information, you may contact us at 714-840-8004 or at

Parents (or other supervisors) do not need to prepare anything.  The course is designed so that the student can enjoy individualized instruction.  The teaching portion on the video averages 15 minutes for each lesson.  Portions of the assignments occur during the teaching portion, so the student may need to pause the DVD to complete the worksheet.  After watching this instructional presentation, the student has worksheet assignments which average about 30 minutes.  If the student has difficulty with a particular problem, the supervisor may allow the student to view the solution which is worked out in detail in the Answer Key.

Quizzes or tests are included.

Solution Keys include every step of every exercise, making it easy for students and supervisors to trace the solutions.

Our Geometry course contains algebra equations, algebra math calculations, and algebra problems with numerous algebra examples and algebra worksheets that have step-by-step answers. Algebra applications are mandatory for understanding geometry concepts.


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Topics that are covered in Phase 1 of our Geometry course:

Points, lines, and planes

Sets combined with coordinates in the Coordinate Geometry System

Bisecting segments and angles

One-to-one plotting of points

Assigning letters to points

The number system with integers



Perpendicular bisectors

Midpoints of segments

Manual extraction of square roots

Rational and irrational numbers

Commutative and associative properties


Identities and inverses

Reflexive property

Transitive property

Distributive Property

Symmetric Property



Extensive practice with numbers (counting)

Acute and obtuse angles

Congruence of angles

Complementary angles

Corresponding parts of figures

Opposite angles

Geometric “proofs”

Practice with making proofs


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(2)   Practical Geometry

Phase 2 of our Geometry course is delightful material.  It contains “Practical Geometry” with many applications to real life.  It does not have DVDs, but it has typical textbook-type explanations with lots of examples, worksheets, and complete Solution Keys.  This phase includes many of the common topics of geometry such as areas and volumes, angles, ratios and proportions, Pythagorean Theorem, measurements, triangles, quadrilaterals, parallelograms, other polygons (multiple-sided figures), parallel lines, alternate angles, medians, altitudes, geometric mean, right triangles, circles, tangents, arcs, and chords, plus the distance formula.


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(3)   Coordinate Geometry

The most heavily emphasized and useful area of geometry in today’s math is Coordinate Geometry.  It probably appears in more sections of SAT/ACT and college entrance testing than any other topic of math.  If the student has studied Phase 3 of our Algebra I course, then coordinate geometry is heavily covered there.  If you do not plan to study Phase 3 of our Algebra I course, then we have a special package of lessons that have been “extracted” from Phase 3, and you may order that package from our Shopping Cart.

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