About Our Trigonometry Products:

Very user-friendly instruction manual with thorough explanations, hundreds of illustrations, and extra comments with arrows to correlate with the text. There are worksheets that accompany the lessons and complete Solution Keys that show every detail that is associated with the exercises.

Each lesson contains explanations of concepts that are very clear, and illustrations accompany these explanations. The student assignment sheets have a variety of exercises, and there is space on the worksheets to work the problems. Some of the assignment sheets are completed during the lecture time while other portions of the assignment are completed afterward. (Students should not need any assistance to complete the exercises.)


This is a 1-semester course, so the student should have no difficulty completing it within 4 months.

Answer Keys contain every step of every solution, with additional arrows and comments to clarify “how” the solutions were derived.

Our Trigonometry course contains algebra equations, algebra math calculations, and algebra problems with numerous algebra examples and algebra worksheets that have step-by-step answers. (Algebra applications are mandatory for all higher-level math studies.)


If you have studied our Algebra I course, then you should be able to study Trigonometry. Phase 2 of the Algebra I course has thorough coverage of square roots and advanced fractions that are needed. Phase 3 of Algebra I has Coordinate Geometry. IF YOU HAVE NOT STUDIED Coordinate Geometry, it is mandatory that you do so, because it is used in almost every higher math course and is emphasized heavily on SAT/ACT tests as well as College Entrance exams. Coordinate Geometry is listed separately in our Shopping Cart. There are also packets in our Shopping Cart for fractions and square roots.


Trigonometry Text (Higher level high school and college.)

Instruction Manual, Worksheets, & complete Solution Keys.
Lessons 1-21


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