Algebra II Course Description

Only $149 for FULL COURSE with 800 PRINTED PAGES of Worksheets & Solution Keys (Includes 19 DVDs of video instruction)

Solution Keys include every step of every exercise, making it easy for students and supervisors to trace the solutions.

Algebra 2 contains algebra equations, algebra math graphing, and algebra problems with numerous algebra examples and algebra worksheets that have step-by-step answers.

This level of algebra is a continuation of Algebra I, containing new concepts while reinforcing topics from the Algebra I level. 
All 3 phases are needed to complete the 2nd year of algebra.  When completed, the student is easily able to be highly successful with College Algebra.
 Phase 1.  “Basic operations” of advanced algebra.
 Phase 2.  Heavily emphasizes “word problems” in addition to advanced topics for higher math.  There are 20 lessons of “Word Problems”, a topic which significantly increases SAT/ACT and College Entrance exams.
 Phase 3.  Quadratic Formula and Functions plus a special Appendix for Probability.
This course contains 19 DVDs and approximately 800 pages of Worksheets & Solution Keys.
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