Algebra I Course Description

PRE-ALGEBRA — To prepare students for Algebra — $49.95

$149 for FULL COURSE with 800 PRINTED PAGES of Worksheets & Solution Keys

Algebra 1 contains algebra equations, algebra math applications, and algebra problems with numerous algebra examples and algebra worksheets that have step-by-step answers.

Solution Keys include every step of every exercise, making it easy for students and supervisors to trace the solutions.

It is assumed that the student has no knowledge whatsoever of algebra concepts; pre-algebra is not required, although our Pre-Algebra course may be used for credit if it is required by your program before studying a full algebra course. Please note that only minimal arithmetic skills are needed.

Parents (or other supervisors) do not need to prepare anything. The course is designed so that the student can enjoy individualized instruction. The teaching portion on the video averages 15 minutes for each lesson. After watching this instructional presentation, the student has worksheet assignments which average about 30-45 minutes. If the student has difficulty with a particular problem, the supervisor may allow the student to view the solution which is worked out in detail in the Answer Key.

There are quizzes or tests about every 7 lessons. The end of Phase 3 contains a 2-part final exam for the entire course.

All 3 phases are needed to complete the first course in algebra. (Also, all 3 phases are needed for students who plan to attend college.) The following breakdown shows the importance of each phase.

 Phase 1. This portion contains the “basic operations” of algebra. After completing the last lesson, the student should be on “talking terms” with anyone who discusses the subject of algebra. It deals primarily with equations and factoring, including the main properties that are necessary to work with equations (commutative, associative, and distributive).

 Phase 2. Phase 2 also contains “basics,” but they apply more heavily toward future studies in geometry, trigonometry, and calculus. This includes extensive work with fractions in equations and a large number of operations with square roots, which are crucial to future studies in mathematics. There are several lessons dealing with “word problems,” an area which can significantly affect aptitude tests. Students who do not plan to attend college may terminate studies at the end of Phase 2.  However, it should be noted that Phase 3 includes “Coordinate Geometry”, a topic which occurs more often than any other topic on SAT/ACT or College Entrance exams.  This subject may be ordered separately in the Shopping Cart (extraction of lessons from Phase 3 of Algebra I).

 Phase 3. Phase 3 gives introductory study of graphing, mostly straight lines. This topic appears in all future math courses. Our course has extensive coverage of “completing the square” (needed for graphing curves) and the quadratic formula. Most home school Algebra I courses only touch lightly (if at all) on these 2 important concepts.

We have had several reports of students entering calculus and statistics classes in college with only our Algebra I course as their background, and they have received top grades in those courses.

NOTE:  “Word Problems” usually cause more frustration than any other single topic in algebra.  In order to avoid the frustration, we want our students to have solid foundation in the “mechanics” of solving algebra equations before attempting the difficulty of word problems.  We have included a limited number of word problems in our Algebra I course.  But, our Algebra II course has complete coverage of almost every type of word problem that may ever appear on testing like SAT/ACT.

This course contains 23 DVDs and approximately 800 pages of Worksheets & Solution Keys.

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