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The Instructor Mr. Firebaugh has completed more than 100 hours of math-related courses and has helped thousands of students to be successful with the subjects of algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. His studies have been done through highly-recognized institutions. “He has unique ability to reach students at their level, communicating in a way that is easy for them to understand the concepts”.  Mr. Firebaugh received his B.S. in Math at Indiana University, and his M.A. in Educational Research from Wayne State University, completed post graduate math studies at the University of Notre Dame, and is a Ph.D. candidate in Educational Administration at the University of Wyoming.
Our courses are truly “math relief” for families.  We are highly recognized for providing success for students who attend college.  These students are ranked at the top of their math classes.  Results of standardized tests, like SAT/ACT, provide many students with scholarships. We frequently receive reports from mothers (also from students) that they are experiencing successful careers as a result of our math programs.

Our algebra 1 course contains algebra equations, algebra math situations, and algebra problems with numerous algebra examples and algebra worksheets that have step-by-step answers.


Satisfy High School Requirements & Prepare For College

 Special Information:
Twice The Content For Half The Price! (23 DVDs in Algebra I course, 19 DVDs in Algebra II course)

 Primary Intent:
Use As Core Curriculum

Homeschool Programs In:
Algebra I (23 DVDs, 800 pages of Worksheets and Solution Keys)
Algebra II (19 DVDs, 800 pages of Worksheets and Solution Keys)
Trigonometry (Textbook-type course (1-Semester)
Pre – Algebra (included in Algebra I course)
Geometry (Euclidean) (9 DVDs, 450 pages of Worksheets and Solution Keys)
Jr. High – High School Levels 

Homeschool Algebra & Homeschool Geometry Courses On Video
51 DVDs Designed To Develop Math Skills At Your Own Pace

Algebra Homeschool